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Car radiator problem, how do you check it?

Car radiator problem, how do you check it?

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If the owner finds water leakage in the water tank, he can go to the repair shop to check and replace the new water tank. If the water leakage still exists, the owner should consider:
1. Check that the tank cover is fastened.
2. Test the gas into the water tank and see from which position the water in the water tank is oozing out, and then decide the repair plan.
3. Unscrew the engine and add oil to the cover to see the emulsification of inorganic oil (punch or erosion). If so, disassemble the engine and replace the cylinder head gasket.
4. There is a problem with the quality of the water tank..
Car radiator problem How to check to know?
If the car is slamming or leaking due to vehicle vibration or vehicle accident during driving, measures may be taken according to specific conditions:
When the water leakage does not exceed 1mm crack or 2mm hole, add a bottle of water tank strong plugging agent to the water tank to start the car.
Open the cooling water and start the circulation for 5~10 minutes. In the cooling system, whether it is the water tank or the rubber tube and the gaskets everywhere, there will be leakage at the leak (or antifreeze), no need to release after the leakage, it will not affect the heat dissipation and A blockage has occurred.
If there is no leakage agent to carry, a slight leak of water to the individual heat pipe, you can temporarily use the loose tobacco into the water tank, use the water circulation pressure, so that the tobacco is blocked in the leak of the heat pipe, temporarily used.
If the water tank heat pipe leaks more seriously, the water leakage pipe can be cut off from the water leakage, the cotton pipe coated with soap is used to block the cut heat pipe, and then the cut heat pipe head is flattened and then crimped with pliers. Pressing tightly stops the leak.
If the rubber pipe joint leaks, use a screwdriver to wrap the rubber pipe clamp in the rubber pipe joint and then tighten it with pliers. If the rubber tube is damaged, use a tape to wrap the rupture and use it temporarily.
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